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Saudi operative dressed as Khashoggi, Turkish source says

Surveillance footage shows Saudi operative in Jamal Khashoggi's clothes after he was killed, Turkish source says. #CNN #News

  1. It’s taken the death of one journalist for Western powers to criticise Saudi Arabia (Germany has now stopped selling them arms). Yet they’ve been funding terrorists and bombing innocent civilians for years. Not to mention the fact they are enabling the spread of the Sunni Wahhabi doctrine to spread throughout Europe and the West. It’s amazing how much Saudi money is influencing the West isn’t it? I would sooner us trade with Russia, Iran and Venezuela and sanction these animals back to the stone age.

    • Reply
      Sinister Minister10/22/2018 at 9:05 am

      +Carl Jeffery Givings Typical conservitard projection as usual. Didn’t you know everything from hurricanes on the east coast to the fires and earth quakes in California are Libtards fault. It’s all a Obama- Hillary conspiracy funded by the devil incarnate himself George Soros.??????

    • for the western power,s life means nada nothing man, if its Muslim,its noo meneineg at all. they will do buissnes, they need only cash money money, thats what zionist pigs want .. kill innocent,s bomb innocent, money.

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      Dr Abdulkadir Ibrahim10/22/2018 at 9:00 am

      What about Trumph who is still adamant in selling arms to those animals Wehabism and ISIS and Saudi Family are all the creation of MOSAT,CIA AND MI5.

    • +Sagir Ashraf The US gets 11% of its oil from Saudi. You really think that’s enough to crash a vast economy? Like they couldn’t just get more from Canada (already 40%), Venezuela (9%), Mexico (8%) & Colombia (4%)? Importing more from Venezuela might actually help their economy and slow down the caravans to Mexico and US.

    • +P272 Liberals? What about POTUS? He is enamored by MbS & is the only 1st world leader perpetuating the lies by Mr Everything. ?

  2. USA= $$.. no morals or values. They will sweep it under the carpet. Saudi = murdereous terrorists (NOT islam)

    • BS not Islam. Islam is terror! Their prophet was a murderous pedophile.

    • Just Donald Trump and that minister of the Evangelical church who gave an interview recently… I see almost all americans supporting sactions and making MBS take responsibility for this vicious crime

    • Evil – jellycals…$$$$$$$$$$ amen amen $$$$$$$$.

    • What did I say before? rubs fingers eating peanuts,

  3. Damn, they can still eat after that gruesome torture.

    • +James Sempy yes — not because of guilty feelings, but because the Saudi authorities will eliminate these men one by one to keep them from talking … The first has already died in a “mysterious car accident”

    • +Yolo Swaggins

      *They said you would say that.*

    • +LAST CALL Going with the “if you say it enough they’ll believe it” theory I see? Good choice, it’s what all the great dictatorships were based on… the ability to copy and paste must help a lot huh? Are you guys hiring? I wouldn’t mind working from home too!

    • +Brad Pike

      *It’s you Brad, NPC = Non Playable Character, you have been programmed by the mainstream media to repeat their buzzwords at every opportunity, good job Brad.*

    • +Brad Pike

      *You answered the question with a question.*

  4. I’m sure the White House is right, and that the Saudi royal family is innocent. I mean, how could the Saudi team have known Jamal would go Bruce Lee on them? It’s a good thing they coincidentally had the body double and bone saw… Just in case.

    • Wurttembergs, Baden-Zahringens, Wall Street, Jeffrey Sprecher, Stock Exchange, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG, SAP, Quandt Family and Nazi Slave Labor, Merckle Group, Angela Merkel, Phoenix Pharmaceuticals, Warlocks Motorcycle Gang, Phoenix Clubhouse in Germany, Zahringen Phoenix Coat of Arms, Oppenheimers, Court Jews, Zionism, Theodor Herzl


    • Yes…when in doubt, bring a bonesaw…and the body double is handy to emoy, but make sure his hair and other things are the same. Gees…louise…not enough words to describe this horror.

    • Indeed, how coincidental !!! Thank goodness they were well prepared for this world champion MMA fighter….bone saw and all !

    • Danny A. Has anyone seen the body of Jamal Kashoggi? This one time friend of the elite that went a little bit dissident, sort of. Writing in the Washington post. Have we seen his distraught fiancée?

      Just like the twin towers we were told about a big group of brown men doing dastardly deeds and we knew it instantly. This top secret operation that we knew the members of right away, including a forensics guy to remove every trace of the body – the one thing they did perfectly in a mess of publicity.

      And listen to the USA president stirring the pot. And the mass of people being paid to advance on the USA Southern border not at all like a zombie apocalypse!

      This is all connected, no accidents. More puppetry.

      I am being impeded from posting this comment. This reddit police keep saying I’m and ‘doing this too often, try again in seven minutes,’ which turns out to be fifteen minutes, then doing it again and again. Am writing this whilst waiting for latest limit to end.

      Please let me know if you see this comment.

  5. Reply
    Yol258519666 Hannan10/22/2018 at 7:04 am

    Whoa! Massive cover up!

    • *_”What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes.”_*
      *- Harry Houdini -*

      *_Who controls what you see?_*
      *_Who controls what you hear?_*
      *_Who controls what you believe?_*
      *_Who controls what you think?_*
      *_Who controls the information?_*
      *_Who controls the misinformation?_*
      *_Who controls the disinformation?_*
      *_Who controls the propaganda?_*
      *_Who controls the narrative?_*
      *_Who controls social media?_*
      *_Who controls the media?_*
      *_Who controls you?_*

      *_Think logically._*

  6. Turkey waited for Saudi Arabia to come up with the bogus accidental killing story. And then they released this video. How will they explain this one now?

    • Do you have a source this body double works for the Saudis? That’s the critical piece of information. Whoever he works for is likely responsible. I must have missed this in news reports where they said he works for the Saudis.

    • Nevermore – “Saudis, please excuse us while we kill and dismember this man in your consulate. It won’t take more than a few minutes.” That makes no sense. And it wouldn’t take weeks for Saudi leadership to discover someone was killed in one of their consulates. And they wouldn’t acknowledge that it was Saudis that did the killing, supposedly by accident, if it were a foreign entity.

    • So the body double works for the Saudis? I wasn’t aware of that. Is there a source for this information as they didn’t say that in this news report.

    • Please, Everyone does anything for his own interest even when giving charity!

    • +True Confession

      Force trump hand how??

      Trump is not going to cut that billion dollar contract.

      He may do light sanctions and insist that the crown prince is sacked and that will be the end of if.

      Though many will hoop and holler in disgust

  7. When is CNN going to talk about Trump Kushner selling insane amount of air power to Saudi to allow them to kill TWENTY TIMES more Syrian and Iraqi civilians? For every one child accidentally killed during Obama years, now we have 20 children? No, not important enough still?

  8. The hair, you missed the hair…

  9. Reply
    11 Breaking News10/22/2018 at 7:11 am

    I can totally see Donald Trump giving them Props at his next Rally: ” how about those Saudis, a body double and a bone saw for getting rid of a journalist!? My kind of people, I tell ya”.. – Donald J. Trump

    • You have triggered the tRump cult they are hurling insults at you left and right cuz they can’t dispute what you say, they’re aware it is possible he’d say something like this. #SAD

    • You’re at the right place (CNN) to be spreading lies and false information. You’re a idiot and amount to nothing in life, you know it and I. That’s why you find yourself sad and playing the victim but it’s not anyone’s fault, you’re just a sad lonely person and no one wants to be around so you comment on the internet going with the crowd in hopes you make a friend and put off killing yourself one more day..

    • What are trump supporters mad about it’s TRUE u fukin weirdos ?

    • Jemimah Shekinah-Shalom im not saying the Dems dont screw plenty of stuff up

    • Jemimah Shekinah-Shalom no its not but this GOP is of the reservation. We dont even have enough diplomats because regular, qualified ones dont meet the trump loyalty test. This gop makes us unsafe so its not really a fair comparison is it??

  10. SICK! Trump doesn’t represent ANYTHING I stand for! What a terrible and heartless man! This is what you get when a narcissist runs a country! #GOP #GREEDOVERPEOPLE

  11. Trump: Well yeah, but $16 Billion dollars… SIXTEEN BILLION!
    And of course they go on Fox News to lie abo… I mean tell their side of the story.

  12. Reply
    the real Reginald Smith10/22/2018 at 7:15 am

    Now the Saudi’s have to kill the hit team especially the body double watch and see can’t have anyone talking.

  13. Reply
    Wassup Yo America10/22/2018 at 7:17 am

    So what exactly are Trump cultists winning? WMD stock short-selling opportunities? Disdain of Russian civilians, Saudi feminists and North Korean peasants? Special mention in world history Hall of Shame?

    • Reply
      Michael Williams10/22/2018 at 8:16 am

      They got those tax cuts for the rich. Those will surely come in handy for them when the scratch-offs start giving them everything they deserve.

  14. Reply
    Enlightor Rocker10/22/2018 at 7:19 am

    I wonder why Saudi minister went to fox news for an interview? maybe they know that only fox news can cover up an obvious lie and murder !! and i am sure trump recommended fox news to Saudi minister

  15. It chills my blood to see two men calmly laughing after killing a man.

    • In that country you can’t trust anyone

    • +Democrats are communists of tomorrow They killed him you moron. They’re cold blooded killers. Wake up stupid!

    • @Democrats are communists of tomorrow Who said I attacked the society or the prince ? I was talking about those men in particular , the video seems pretty clear to me what they were up to. Jamal Khashoggi was proven to have been killed, the Saudi foreign minister himself said that it was possibly a rouge operation. Nothing ambiguous here. Also you seem to be a republican, how can you assume a society is “civil” if they ban free speech ? What about their cruel justice system of Shraia Law where you’re stoned or beheaded for adultery ?

    • They may not have been part of the actual murder. They might have just got paid to fly to Turkey and change clothes in the consulate not knowing anything of the larger plan. If they were well paid they probably thought it was some type of joke. Wondering who was on the 1st private jet that left.

  16. Is Trump helping the Saudis cover up the Journalist murder ?

    • *_”What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes.”_*
      *- Harry Houdini -*

      *_Who controls what you see?_*
      *_Who controls what you hear?_*
      *_Who controls what you believe?_*
      *_Who controls what you think?_*
      *_Who controls the information?_*
      *_Who controls the misinformation?_*
      *_Who controls the disinformation?_*
      *_Who controls the propaganda?_*
      *_Who controls the narrative?_*
      *_Who controls social media?_*
      *_Who controls the media?_*
      *_Who controls you?_*

      *_Think logically._*

    • JR N
      Yes. Orange man covers up Russian attacks on US soil, now this. America is forever stained. Russia bad. Orange man bad. Fox News bad. CNN good.

    • Reply
      ex-PFC Wintergreen.10/22/2018 at 8:12 am

      The Saudis will help Trump cover up our murders eventually

    • Let us find some Trump look alikes and a golf course Clubhouse with a back door and some out of work butchers from the meat district they are used to butchering steers

    • +NPC #22635708 I’ve seen you on every CNN videos trolling but the same story is avaible on all media even Faux News. Faux News had a long segment about it yesterday wondering if orange POS was doing some cover up. Which he is clearly doing. So you paid troll, paid to troll all CNN videos sound desperate , laughable and pathetic. Facts show that the lying orange scumbag openly supports the lying Saudis like he supported Putin in Helsinki against America’s Intel community plus nowhere in that very well done reporting is the name of the orange liar brought up. So you are doing a very poor job at trolling. You should get fired. You are fake news, fool.


  18. And Trump says … People say … who knows … maybe … possibly … we’ll wait and see … a lot of people, many people … I mean I make a lotta money from these guys.

  19. I’m quite enjoying this embarrassing clusterfck unfold….

    • Reply
      TheSpiritOfTheTimes10/22/2018 at 8:52 am

      I am too, you almost forget what a terrible and inhuman fucking way to go this is, just try to imagine the minutes of life being like this.

    • If your rich enough you can kill some one than piss in people’s eyes and tell them its raining and they better believe you if they know what’s good for you

  20. The Saudi government said that they were going to try to convince Jamal Khashoggi to return to Saudi Arabia of his own free will. So this is ANOTHER LIE because you wouldn’t render someone who could choose not to go. CNN shouldn’t dance around this and use the words “unlikely” etc., because THIS WAS A PREMEDITATED MURDER ordered by MBS. Period. Professionals don’t “accidentally” cause the death of someone they’re planning to kidnap.

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